Water Tank Ensures Business Continuity For 345 Rivonia Road Office

In response to an all to recent history of water restrictions and outages that have caused numerous businesses to halt operations and send staff home, Investec Property Fund contacted renewable energy solutions provider, Renu Holdings, to find out about the water storage systems that were available to them.

Highlighting the importance of business continuity, Investec discussed the need for a standby water storage solution that would give their office development at 345 Rivonia Road the competitive edge.

After assessing the development’s available facilities, as well as their unique water storage needs, Renu recommended a 20,000Lwater tank that would accommodate the water needs of the office’s 23 companies and approximately 500 occupants. Based on their measured water consumption, Renu chose this tank size to provide them with a one-day standby supply.

Installing The Water Tank

SBS tanks - Renu’s tank partner - supplied and installed a 20,000L Zincalume tank with a water liner. However, installing the water tank within the office’s basement parking area was no small feat.

Since the office’s property managers, Broll Property Group, rented out parking space as an additional form of income, they did not want the water tank installation to result in a loss of parking space.

Furthermore, the team were not able to use conventional tanks, as these were moulded as one unit and could not be disassembled to fit within the space available.

Given the limited space and height restrictions, the project required customised water tank components which could be built on site.

Installing The Water Tank

Monitoring The Water Supply

In order to provide the office development with a day’s worth of uninterrupted water supply during municipal outages, the tank required a specialised monitoring system that would warn occupants to use water sparingly.

Handling the project’s water filtration systems, Renu were responsible for building and installing a state-of-the-art telemetry system, capable of tracking and reporting water levels in real time.

With SMS alerts warning building management of municipal outages and tank levels, the telemetry system was designed to minimise the risk of business downtime due to interruption or over consumption.

“Having a sense of autonomy and knowing that operations can now run smoothly without interruption has given us great peace of mind. Working with Renu’s skilled and professional team has been a pleasure, and we look forward to rolling this project out to more of our properties in future,” said 345 Rivonia Road Property Manager, Leon Swanepoel.

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